Last summer (2005) I crashed my Dirty Birdy after losing it in the sun. That left me with nothing to fly except my son Jimmy's trainer. Although I like to build, I'm in the middle of working on my A-10, so I decided to go with an ARF to get back in the air quickly this year. I wanted something sporty not only for me, but for Jimmy as well. Our Hangar 9 Ultra Stick made its maiden flight yesterday, May 19, 2006. It took a bit to get the trims correct, and I had to get used to the sensitive controls. After a few more flights today, I'm getting more comfortable with it. I have it set up for flaps, which is something new for me as well. I reprogrammed the controls to be less sensitive for Jimmy's first flight, which will be soon, I hope. With an O.S. .46 LA, it's a little under-powered. Maybe next summer I'll mount a more powerful engine.


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