A popular diversion from the standard fare of model airplanes was the Simitar. I think it was featured in a model magazine. For something like 7 or 8 dollars you got a set of foam wing cores and plans through the mail. Other than the wing cores, the builder (me, in this case) had to supply the rest of the materials. The wings were covered with thin sheets of balsa wood. When finished, the model was essentially a flying wing. It was controlled by "elevons," meaning that the control surfaces on the trailing edge of the wing acted as both elevators and ailerons. In the photo below I'm attaching skis for winter flying, the results of which are in the second photo. I remember this as a very enjoyable plane to fly in any season.

It turns out that the plans are still available from the AMA. If you are a member of AMA, you can download the original construction article from their archives. It appeared in the December 1976 issue of "Model Aviation" magazine. Click HERE for the plans page.


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